J.O.Y. Centers provide a community for seniors

September 6, 2013 • Local News

Amy Vogelsang
Rec[auth] ord Staff Writer

Providing activities as well as a sense of community, Chaves County J.O.Y. Centers continue to help senior citizens from their four locations throughout the county.

They provide many different services for those 60 years and up, including transportation, housekeeping and caregiver support. One of their most popular services, however, is providing meals.

According to Executive Director Charlotte “Charlie” Phillips, they either deliver or have congregate meals, serving 425 to 435 meals a day.

Phillips has been with J.O.Y. Centers for a little more than 13 years, but she has spent most of her life working with seniors. Her dad was older, and she said it’s maybe the time she spent with him that led her to spend so much time with other seniors.

Although there is something to be said about volunteering and providing the services, for Phillips the best part is the stories.

“I enjoy the stories (the seniors) tell us, and they have the best outlook on life,” she said. Her personal favorites are the tales from WWII, Korea and Vietnam veterans.
These stories not only benefit the volunteers, but they give the seniors a chance to talk about their past and to share experiences with others their age. It’s a social environment and community.

Although J.O.Y. Centers don’t have anything new planned for the upcoming year, they will continue all the services they already provide.

“We’re going to keep doing what we’re doing and doing it the best we can,” Phillips said.

For more information about the centers and their services, call 623-4866.

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