Business booming for Utah craft beer aficionados

September 5, 2013 • Entertainment

Wares are displayed at Union Station Fermentation, a homebrew supply store, in Ogden, Utah, on Friday, Aug. 30 2013. That beer is burgeoning in Utah may surprise those who don’t partake in the sudsy substance, but it’s coinciding with the craft beer industry across the country storming into the mainstream. (AP Photo/Standard-Examiner, Brian Wolfer) MANDATORY CREDIT, LOCAL TV OUT

OGDEN, Utah (AP) — The only thing missing was a cold beer as Pat Winslow eased into a seat underneath a canopy at the front of homebrew supply store Union Station Fermentation. Outside the window, 25th Street travelers trekked along the sidewalk. His mouth practically salivating at the thought of an amber brew, Winslow told the story of the moment he turned into a craft beer enthusiast.

He had always liked drinking beers, he said, but it wasn’t until he attended a beer convention in Omaha, Neb., that it became a passion.

“They brought out a tray with about 15 different samples,” Winslow said. “Then I realized there was more to beer.”

When he got home, Winslow asked his wife for a kit to brew his own beer for Christmas and even read three books on brewing before his kit arrived. He has been concocting cold ones ever since and currently is trying to perfect a cream ale.

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