Justifying war

September 1, 2013 • Dear Editor


Dear Editor
Between Feb 13th and 15th, 1945, the allies [auth] bombed the city of Dresden creating a firestorm that killed 25,000 people, mostly civilians.

Firebomb Raids on Tokyo on March 9th and 10th of 1945 created another firestorm that left over 100,000 dead, mostly civilians.

And the atom bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki left another estimated 246,000 people dead, mostly civilians.

Most of the civilians killed in those four raids were women and children. The men were off fighting somewhere.

So what’s the big deal about a gas attack in Syria? Are people killed by being burned up in a fire storm or blown by a bomb up or riddled by bullets somehow less dead than those killed in a gas attack?
The media, urged on by the Obama Administration, is showing us the bodies of victims of Assad’s gas attack. How about pictures of the 100,000 or more, and still counting, that have been killed by bombs, artillery shells, and AK-47 bullets since the conflict in Syria started? Would they be any less horrific than those killed by gas?

Or, is Assad’s gas attack simply another WMD or Gulf of Tonkin incident excuse for an Administration supported by hawkish senators and congressmen on both sides like John McCain (R) and Robert Mendez (D) to once again flex it’s military muscle?

I was just 18 days away from my 8th birthday when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. We have been at war either overtly or covertly ever since. I served in three of those wars, first as a Marine and later as an Airman. When is enough, enough? How long will it be before we as a nation have had our fill of war? When will our government quit looking for excuses to go to war? Stop drawing lines in the sand?
I know what they say. They say they hate war but we have to do it because (enter your favorite go-to-war excuse here).

Republicans want to abolish Obamacare. How about abolishing the War powers Act and forcing the congress to declare war in accordance with the Constitution instead. No elected office holder or bureaucrat can assure me they are doing the right thing by taking military action because I believe or trust NONE of them.

The Middle East is going to have to heal itself. The West can’t do it for them. All we can do is exacerbate the situation by constantly picking at the scabs of conflicts that don’t concern us.
Noel Sivertson
Roswell NM

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