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September 1, 2013 • Dear Editor

To Anyone Who Really Cares:

I have a question that I feel, every hard working, United States Citizen should [auth] want the answer to . Why our government, (that at this time, really needs to find ways to use government funding on things that can bring our Country back to the high standards it used to have) Keeps wasting money, by providing funding for educational grants, free housing, free medical, food and yes even cash to people that don’t seem to ever intend to become working, responsible citizens?? Thus taking away from those in need. Grants are being given, to people who claim they want to higher their education, so they can get good jobs and provide better lives, for themselves and their children. Yet, once they use up one grant, they just want to apply for another grant to even further their education, but I never see them get a job or even try to get a job, unless its something that they don’t have to really work for. How many grants can these so called (wanting to better their lives, and support themselves, instead of having our Government and the tax payers take care of them Citizens) get from the Government? It is time for our Government to say “no more higher education grants; until you can prove you truly want to become a responsible citizen, and get a job!” “You cannot expect the people that have worked, and tried their best to be responsible citizens, to do without, in order for you to keep getting free handouts. It is time for you to do what you claim you wanted the grant for, (what the grant was actually given to you, for) and get off your attitude that the world owes you and go” to work!!”

There are people out there that truly need help, that can’t get it, due to the free loaders that want everyone (but themselves) to support them.

I love my country, I love my government but we are lacking the glorious standards that we once had. The government needs to work together (Reps-Dems-Bipartisan-Liberals etc.) to make sure that its funding is being used wisely in order for all to say I am proud to live in the United States of America, the greatest place in the world. “We need our pride back and we are going to work on getting it back.”

Mollie L. Hunt

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