A firm stand on marriage

September 1, 2013 • Dear Editor

To Whom It May Concern:

With regard to the business of issuing marriage licenses to gay partners, I am hoping and praying that Chaves County will speak loud and clear to the rest of New Mexico on this subject. I have always believed that New Mexico was a Christian state and therefore we should not [auth] pass a law making it legal for them to marry. It doesn’t matter how many of the other states succumb to this pressure, we do not have to do it.

If these couples want to live together in sin, that is their privilege. But, the rest of us do not have to condone this sin publicly by making it legal. As for claiming the rights of other married couples, they can not and will not ever fall in this category. A legally married man and woman are supposed to make a home and bring children into the world. That simply cannot be done by a gay couple. They are not and never will be equals to married men and women.

They, and they alone, will have to face their sin and plead their case with God, whenever He calls them from this earth.
May God bless New Mexico and the USA!

Carolyn J. Syska
Roswell, NM

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