City needs to remove trash

August 27, 2013 • Obituaries


Dear Editor:

Trash piles around the city of Roswell can cause rodent, snake and bug problems, not to mention major unsightly aesthetic problems. They are health hazards and eyesores.
Code Enforcement has been calling the Sanitation Department since May of this year to pick up what is now a growing problem of trash on the corner of College and Union. The larger the pile, the more some folks are [auth] taking advantage of using it as a convenient place to deposit trash. This is already a ridiculous situation.

My own city councilor from Ward I has also called the Sanitation Department on numerous occasions, in fact, three times in the last month alone. Promises have been made each and every time a call has been placed. So Code Enforcement, city councilor — who is next on the list to call? Sanitation Department — please advise exactly where the buck stops and why is that person not fulfilling the demands of Code Enforcement and the requests of city councilors? The mayor and city manager can expect the next calls/visits. I would like to personally show up and register my complaint.

Now I realize that the Sanitation Department probably has a busy agenda, but may I remind the people in charge that my and other hardworking citizens’ tax dollars pay their salaries. I hate the fact that we as consumers produce so much junk that it makes landfills necessary, but this growing landfill (none of which is my trash) does not belong on a busy city street corner where kids will soon be walking on their way to school.

Heidi Huckabee

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