Pearce announces bid for re-election

August 24, 2013 • Local News

U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce, R-N.M., officially declared his re-election bid Friday evening, pointing to his bi-partisanship record, willingness to work for jobs immigration reform and protecting southern New Mexico’s economy.

“Southern New Mexicans want someone who listens to them and stands up for their concerns and not cater to any one political party,” Pearce said in a statement. “For that reason, I feel that I am still the best choice to represent the 2nd Congressional District in Congress.”

His Chief of Staff Todd Willens said Pearce planned to [auth] make an in-person announcement at a fundraising event in Hobbs later that evening.

“He and the team are as energized as ever,” Willens said. “We look forward to using this momentum to carry us into the reelection.”

Pearce just completed several town halls in the past three weeks, at which he met and spoke with his constituents.

This is Pearce’s seventh run for the U.S. House. He was first elected in 2002 following the retirement of U.S. Rep. Joe Skeen. Rep. Pearce defeated Democrat John Smith, a State Senator. He won a second term against Democrat Gary King, a State Representative at the time.

Pearce once attempted to run for the U.S. Senate in 2009, but was defeated and returned to the U.S. House in a successful election bid.

Vowing to remain “independent,” Pearce said he will continue to work with both parties to get results if reelected.

“I am not a one-sided party guy,” Pearce said Friday. “I have not been afraid to criticize Republicans when they are wrong and Democrats when they are wrong.”

Pearce listed his record, including working for “sensible immigration reform,” keeping down the cost of college education and opposing Obamacare.

Pearce also said he sided with both parties in passing the Violence Against Women Act.

He also opposed “radical environmentalists who would distort the Endangered Species Act to threaten jobs in New Mexico,” he said.

“Clearly big tasks ahead of Washington include getting federal government spending under control and making changes to create more jobs in southern New Mexico,” Pearce said.

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