Jewelry thieves cut store’s alarm wires

August 17, 2013 • Local News

More information has become available in the Martin’s Jewelry store robbery where thieves got away with $75,000 worth of jewelry. Jim Patterson, co-owner of Desert Security, which provides security for Martin’s, reported that the security system worked perfectly. The alarm was triggered at the time of entry at 3:04 a.m. Wednesday. “The alarm sounded as it should and the police were notified.”

Patterson said: “The police came and drove around the mall, but [auth] did not go inside. They told me that they didn’t have access to the building. They did not have access to the keys or the (mall) manager’s phone number.”

He noted that he was not criticizing the police department. “They do an excellent job, but it seems that there should be some kind of system set up so they can get into the building.”

The Daily Record attempted to call mall management and left messages with the automated phone system, but received no response.

Patterson estimated that the culprits had to have been in the store two or three hours to gather the 100-plus pieces of jewelry. The subjects managed to collect gold and silver jewelry with colored stones; watches; rings, both diamond and pearl; and cash.

“These guys were clever. When the alarm sounded, they kept cutting wires until they silenced it,” said Patterson.

Despite the losses, the store’s owner, James Martin, said he is still open for business.

“Insurance companies require that certain jewelry items are put away. Only costume jewelry, watches and the cheaper items can be left out,” Patterson explained.

Desert Security will be putting in a whole new system. “We’re beefing up security so that no amount of cutting of wires will silence the alarm,” he said.

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