Gov. Martinez unveils river protection plan

August 16, 2013 • State News

BERNALILLO, N.M. (AP) — Making New Mexico’s dwindling water supplies more sustainable is the driving force behind a plan announced Thursday by Gov. Susana Martinez and other state officials.

The New Mexico River Stewards Initiative aims to protect the health of rivers and watersheds throughout the state through projects that would include lowering riverbanks, replanting native vegetation and revitalizing wetlands.

Environment Secretary Ryan Flynn has been working on establishing the program for years. He likens it to maintaining pipelines, Login to read more

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One Response to Gov. Martinez unveils river protection plan

  1. Hemingway says:

    Governor Martinez’s river plan protection is truly laughable and disingenuous. She knows that a couple of million dollars of funding will NOT protect our rivers and watersheds. Again it is a political PR gimmick. The problems of our watersheds are enormous. If she really wants to do something substantial the Martinez administration should tighten control of fracking to get oil and gas out of the ground. Fracking uses huge amounts of water and endangers ground water.

    Ryan Flynn, New Mexico Environment Department Secretary, mentioned in the article below has been closely involved in development of the New Mexico’s hideous copper rule and is a political hack for the Martinez administration. As one recent article commented: “This industry-written rule defines copper pit mining as an activity entirely exempt from the water quality standards established by the New Mexico Water Quality Act. Freeport can pollute as it wishes within what the rule calls areas of “hydrologic containment” and “open pit surface water drainage.”

    By the way Mr. Ryan Flynn came to the department from the Modrall Sperling Law Firm, which has represented Freeport – disgusting.

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