Investigation of in-custody death ongoing

August 15, 2013 • Local News

The City of Roswell responded to the Office of the Medic[auth] al Investigation report that ruled the manner of the in-custody death for Cody Towler was homicide in a prepared statement. The autopsy resulted from an incident where Towler was pronounced dead on Feb. 4 after officers were dispatched on a disorderly person call.

The statement says: “… a multijurisdictional investigative team comprised of the Roswell Police Department, Chaves County Sheriff’s Office and the New Mexico State Police are currently performing a thorough investigation in regards to facts recently obtained by the Office of the Medical Investigator. The Roswell Police Department has complied with requests from the multijurisdictional team, and will continue to act in accordance with requests from the District Attorney’s Office.

The investigation is current and ongoing. We ask the public be patient as investigators efficiently prepare and effectively present results of the investigation to the District Attorney’s Office for review.”

District Attorney Janetta Hicks said that the team would meet at the DA’s office to review the autopsy report and other evidence and decide what is the next step.

The statement also said: “While it is important to recognize the sensitivity of the case, we must also take into consideration not only the family member’s privacy, but also the victims’ rights and preservation of evidentiary materials.

“More information may be made available, if and when legally appropriate. No further information is being released at this time.”

The Towler family attorney, Kenneth Egan, noted that their offices had filed papers to obtain any reports and forensic evidence pertaining to Cody’s in-custody death in March and has yet to receive a response.

During an interview with KBIM radio, Mayor Del Jurney said that their thoughts and prayers are with the family; however, he said he stood by the police. He asked citizens not to jump to conclusions and await the results of the investigation.

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  1. emuna says:

    My great thanks to Jessica Palmer for her courage to tell the truth .and her unbiased work. and for her respect towards Cody Wade Towler the victim and our blessed family . We are truly suffering and heartbroken without Cody .

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