VCA celebrates new, unified campus

August 9, 2013 • Local News

Valley Christian Academy students Elijah Cogdill, foreground, and siblings Judah, left, and Kiley, right, along with Brittany Bailey who will be a junior, check out their new school and chapel in the former First Christian Church located at 1500 S. Main, Thursday. (Mark Wilson Photo)

After months of hard work and many volunteers, Valley Christian Academy is finally moved into their new building on 1500 S. Main, just in time for the new school year to start.

After being in two separate [auth] locations for roughly seven years, the VCA community is excited to be back under one roof.

“It brings the whole family back together,” said board member Rick Kraft.

Redeemer Christian Fellowship, previously known as First Christian Church, had the building off of Main Street, but when they offered to switch buildings with VCA’s Berrendo Road location the school quickly agreed. It brought their square footage from 3,000 to 30,000.

On Kraft’s concept of family, Superintendent, as well as high school and junior high school Principal, Cory Cogdill, also refers to the staff and students of VCA as a family, and looks forward to having everyone in a single building.

He knows all the students and is personally looking forward to having all the teachers together again, he said. It also will be financially beneficial and convenient for parents who have multiple children attending VCA.

But preparing the building in the short period of time given was no easy feat.

“The biggest challenge for us, and I can’t really put into words, the effort of moving two facilities into one in two months,” Cogdill said. “Everything was based on volunteers.” He said half of the people at VCA’s meet the teacher night Thursday had put hours of their own time into preparing the building for the new school year.

While parents and staff are glad to have one campus again and are looking forward to being done with the transferring work, students are merely preparing for another school year.

Four-year-old Hannah Steeley is preparing to start K-4.

“I like to color,” she said, revealing one of her favorite school activities. “And my favorite princess is Belle,” she continued, shyly volunteering the information. She also likes reading, a pastime she and dad do every night. And her favorite book? Well, no surprise, it’s the one with Belle on the cover.

Also fans of reading are first-graders Ethan Hunter and Brett Frugia, both 6 years old.

“I like to read like my sister,” Hunter said. His sister is entering fourth grade and had the same first grade teacher Hunter will have.

Frugia is particularly fond of space books. Both boys agreed Jupiter is their favorite planet.

“It has a series of storms that have been going on for 100 years!” Hunter said informatively.

However, both boys seem to be most excited about the blue pillows set up next to the bookshelf in the classroom. These cushions draw more attention than the actual books for the rambunctious boys.

From pre-school through high school, all the students seemed to be quickly growing accustomed to their new surroundings. And although there are bound to be new campus struggles, Cogdill optimistically summed it up when he compared the school to the Little Engine: “It’s the school that could.”

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