Ramos arrested in kidnapping case

August 1, 2013 • Local News


The Roswell Police Department arrested the second suspect Thursday in a kidnapping and armed robbery case that occurred on July 5. Bryan Ramos, 21, an employee of the Chaves County Detention Center, is charged with accessory to kidnapping and accessory to armed robbery.

The male victim was found walking south of Hagerman. He had been severely beaten. According to the RPD, he had been left to die. The victim was transported to a local hospital and was later flown to [auth] Lubbock for further medical treatment. Sgt. Jim Preston said the victim is still being treated for internal injuries as a result of the beating.

The affidavit of criminal complaint filed with Magistrate Court reported that at the time of the initial interview, the victim had two black eyes and several broken bones in his face. The detective also observed scrapes on his back and his knees.

The record states that his assailants had taken him at gun point, pulled him from the vehicle, a 2001 red Oldsmobile Alero, began striking him and continued kicking him after he fell to the ground.

The victim told officials that his assailants drove him somewhere near Artesia, but said he had little recall of the event. He noted that the male subjects took his wallet, credit cards and cell phone.

Michael “Boonie” Gonzales turned himself in to the police, on June 17, the day his picture appeared as Roswell’s Most Wanted. Gonzales graduated from Job Corps last year.

It was the Chaves County Detention Center that alerted the police to Ramos’ potential involvement in the crime. According to the court documentation, Ramos denied involvement initially, saying he was in another vehicle and, when the beating began, he and friend Boonie “got the f— out of there.” Eventually, he admitted to driving the car, but continues to deny participating in the beating.

Ramos was taken to CCDC. His bond is set at $100,000.

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