Paul’s Veterinary Supply is ‘More than just vet supplies’

August 1, 2013 • Local Business Review


The flies are here and here is what everyone is looking for! Paul holds a handfull of Aeroxon® Fly Catchers™. They utilize a ribbon and come with a thumbtack, ready to use.

Martin’s® Horse & Stable multi-use Insecticide. Ready to use on horses, cattle, poultry, swine, goats & sheep and dogs.

DuraMask Equine Fly Mask by durvet. You need it…   Paul’s Vet Supply has it! Call 624-2123 for more information.

Synergized Pyrethrin                Fly-Die Blaster

Tri-Tec14 Fly Repellent

Starbar Quickstrike                    Fly Scatter Bait

Fiebing’s Flyspray 44       Repellent Insect Spray


Noticed any flies lately?

It’s summertime and the flies are back. Paul’s Vet Supply has everything you need for bug control around the house, in the barn or in the pen or yard. See Paul’s for fly and pest [auth] control.

Paul’s is one of the largest independent animal health distributors in the United States. Paul’s motto is “More than just vet supplies”, a fact which is apparent when you walk through the front door.

Located at 2005 S.E. Main Street, Paul’s Veterinary Supply is locally owned and operated by Paul Bierwirth and his wife, Susan. Paul is assisted by his sister Belinda Bierwirth, his son Nelson and Adrian Ruiz.

Paul’s carries a large selection of tack and veterinary supplies. Whether you need a rope, gloves or fly and moth control, they have it all. Paul’s philosophy is to buy in volume and to sell in volume, with low margins, so their pricing is competitive with mail order catalogs, much lower than retail. Paul says, “We have bell boots, saddle pads, bits, ropes, tack, etc., that we test ourselves. The quality must satisfy us before we sell it to you!”

Paul’s has over 1,000 ropes in stock every day from Classic®, Rattler and Fast Back. Plus, there are orthopedic pads, vitamin supplements and hoof moisturizers. For your cattle they have fly tags, blackleg vaccine, insecticides and there is even Martin’s Super Flea & Tick Killer for your cats and dogs at Paul’s Vet Supply.

Paul’s stocks vaccines, antibiotics, insecticides, wormers and etc., for cattle and horses, plus items for your pets. Plus they have a complete line of branding supplies.

Paul’s has a large selection of western tack, ropes and roping equipment. They have a wide assortment of bits, halters, leads, girths, pads and blankets. They also carry equestrian helmets. Go in and check out Paul’s horseshoe section. They have a large selection of sizes and styles of horseshoes by KercKhaert. Paul’s Veterinary Supply has a very large selection of grooming supplies, for your animals and for your tack.

Customers value the technical advice the staff at Paul’s gives them on the correct use of the products available in the store. They try to help them make the best decisions, to keep them competitive in the changeable climate of the livestock business.

Paul’s Veterinary Supply is located at 2005 S.E. Main Street in Roswell. The phone number is 624-2123.

The store is open from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday; and from 8:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon on Saturday.

Customers from out of town can reach Paul’s on their toll-free number: 1-800-530-8575.

At Paul’s Veterinary Supply: “Your animal’s health is our business.” The advice and products at Paul’s are the best you can get.

Paul, Belinda, Adrian, Nelson and Tino (the guard cat)  would like to thank everyone for their patronage and friendship during the last 29 years and look forward to serving you once again.

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