Trujillo takes two titles in goat meat competition

July 30, 2013 • Local News

The tribe was rambunctious. One individual was especially alert, showing off his powerful back legs and the big rack in his loan. Ultimately, these stunts and defined muscle won the 5-month-old Wether, or male goat, the championship at Chaves County 4-H and FFA Fair Meat Goat competition Tuesday afternoon.

Of course, the credit cannot really be given to the goat: he was simply being himself. The true honor was granted to owner and trainer Devon [auth] Trujillo, 14, of Hagerman, who won not only Championship but also Reserve Championship for the best meat goat.

Trujillo has been in FFA for three years, but has been showing for five or six. He shows pigs as well, but goats are his favorite.

“I like more of a challenge with goats,” he said. “I like to push myself.”

And this year, the pushing paid off. He likes the challenge of raising goats, particularly how they must be worked with daily to be trained, but the best part, albeit also the hardest, is show day.

“It’s hard (to show) because (the goats) get wild in the ring,” Trujillo said. “It’s hard to set up.”

Required to weigh at least 40 pounds for the competition, both of Trujillo’s first- and second- place winners came in well over that mark, weighing in at 77 and 83 pounds, respectively. It’s clear he had some experience, and it is also thanks to the help of his parents, Jesus and Tabatha Trujillo.

Jesus was not only a member of FFA himself, but also served as president. Now he teaches agriculture in Hagerman, so is well-versed in raising animals as well as showing them.

“It’s a daily chore, morning and night,” he said of raising the goats. “They have to be trained just like an athlete. Start slow and little by little work them up.” They only have the two goats, but two is enough.

Right now, agriculture and raising animals for show is more of a hobby for Trujillo, but he is saving up most of his reward money for college to pursue whatever he decides to practice in the future. According to Jesus, Trujillo is really interested now in becoming a storm chaser.

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