Faith, western games and head shave highlight TBC’s Bible school carnival

July 27, 2013 • Local News

Councilor Jason Perry receives a fade haircut from barber John Olivas, a response to Bible school students who raised more than $1,300 in a fundraising effort, during a block party at Tabernacle Baptist Church, Friday evening. (Mark Wilson Photo)

Popping balloons with darts, a cupcake walk and jungle gyms: All the games and activities were swarmed with hyped-up kids with painted faces at Tabernacle Baptist Church’s sixth Vacation Bible School carnival, Friday night.

Every year holds a theme, and this year was High Noon on the Pecos — in other words, cowboys. People were sporting cowboy boots, hats and handkerchiefs, really getting into the theme.

Also supporting the western atmosphere, kids were able to ride ponies and a particularly challenging “bull ring toss” game consisted of swinging a thick [auth] rope ring strung up by a thin rope in an attempt to latch it onto a metal hook. Even some adults struggled with this game.

The VBS week was themed the entire time, each night having a video of the Tumbleweed Gang: Doc Holindaise, Silly the Kid and Wiatt the Twerp stole bricks of “gold” while Sherrif Pat Ferrit with help from Tonto and the Lone Ranger attempted to stop mischief makers.

The kids really enjoyed the short films showing the crew in various struggles across Roswell, as if time warped from 1881.

The stolen bricks, however, were used as an incentive to raise money for missionaries going to Mexico. The kids could buy back these bricks, and the money will be used to help get a bus down to Mexico to take children to church, said City Councilor and children’s pastor Jason Perry.

“The best part is the children hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and them and their parents having a saving relationship with Jesus Christ,” Perry said of VCB. “They can play games anywhere, but it’s not everywhere they learn how to go to heaven.”

Cyndi Voss also loved the spiritual nature of VCB. Although she and her family now live in Arkansas and were merely visiting her parents, she grew up in Roswell’s Tabernacle Baptist Church.

“To see my son get saved in this church is amazing,” she said of her 5-year-old, Alex Voss.

Alex, however, was mostly excited with the balloon toss game, the bouncy house, and during the week loved the “bad guys.” He did admit to also being a fan of Tonto.

Alex’s little brother Ryan Voss, 2, was equally as enthusiastic about the “bad” cowboys.

“I shot the bad guys!” he said with fists clenched and an almost red face as he tried to contain his excitement.

One of the big events was Perry getting his hair cut.

“I said if they earned enough money I’d let them give me a flat top hair cut,” he said. The children raised $1,200, so on a stage in front of everyone, Perry’s hair was cut off.

Carnival coordinator Christopher Lowe, predicted 500 to 600 people would show up, and that was factoring 350 kids, plus their families. If that wasn’t spot on it was close, filling Richardson Avenue and 11th Street with a complete swarm of colorful shirts, outlandish attire and high spirits. Smiles and enthusiasm made a successful conclusion to another VCB week.

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