Adoption event hopes to find homes for dogs

July 27, 2013 • Local News

Sammye Leflar-Bohnstehn and [auth] the Animal Welfare Alliance will hold another Animal Adoption Event on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., at Tractor Supply, 5000 N. Main St. The AWA will have a total of 20 dogs and puppies available for petting, loving and adopting.

Sammye said that the AWA hopes to hold adoption events on the last Saturday of the month, with the exception of August when all the agencies, AWA, the Roswell Humane Society and Roswell Animal Services will combine for a major event. “It’s on August 17. It’s a huge national adoption event.”

The 20 dogs are being kept by five foster families and Sammye is looking for more people to foster dogs as they await adoption. She also noted that she has completed a project which has long been a goal of hers, a Facebook page called Roswell Urgent Animals at Animal Control.

“This allows people to see what Animal Control has available even when Animal Services is not open.”

Sammye says she monitors the Facebook page every night.

“I adopted out two dogs last night, one black Lab, Maryland, and one pitbull, New York. We have been able to save half the animals on death row this way.”

AWA has no set fee, although the potential puppy parent will be asked to reimburse the Alliance for shots and neutering. For those animals who are too young to be neutered, the AWA will set up an appointment at their low cost clinic.

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