Summer is just around the corner… is it clean? Let TJ’s Soda/Media Blasting & TJ’s Mobile Pressure Washing clean it now

July 26, 2013 • Local Business Review

Pressure Washing a swimming pool with a bad stain before (left) and after (right). Now the pool is ready for Summer. Phone 575-626-3573 for a free estimate.


Soda Blasting is a process similar to sand blasting where the sand is replaced with baking soda. This replaces the abrasiveness of sand with a substance in powder form. The result is the ability to clean a surface without causing any damage.

Soda and media blasting are environmentally friendly and are FDA and USDA approved.

Soda Blasting:

• Won’t damage glass

• Removes paint from fiberglass

• Won’t damage chrome

• Water soluble

• No pitting

• Works Login to read more

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