As a human rights advocate, Rubio works toward social, political reform

July 19, 2013 • Local News

Angelica Rubio

Angelica Rubio grew up in Lake Arthur. It is, as she says, a small town with a population of 300. It has a small economic base. “The only thing that sustains it is the school, and the oil and gas industry.”

Rubio was the youngest of six children. She attended college at New Mexico State University, where she received her bachelor’s in government. Then this small-town girl went to the one of the biggest cities in the country, Los Angeles, and obtained a master’s in Latin American Studies.

After Rubio left school, she became a consumer advocate. Eventually, though, she got the urge to return home.

“When I worked in consumer protection, I helped countless families in L.A., and I thought there are so many things I can do back home. I decided it was time come back.”

She’s also worked as a community organizer. The goal for the community organizer is to resolve Login to read more

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