Hellens share family’s history with Rotary Club

July 18, 2013 • Local News

C.W. “Bill” Hellen, a third-generation cattleman, was the keynote speaker during the Roswell Rotary Club meeting, Thursday. (Mark Wilson Photo)

His tie hangs down against a white collared shirt, tucked into black pants. He sits on the stoop of his new house in Texas, one arm resting against a crutch, the other wrapped around a woman standing next to him. The woman’s white dress covers all but her face, which is shaded by a white bonnet, and her work-hardened hand grips a broom.

The couple looks serious, as is true in most old black and white photos, but there is a glisten of a smile in each of their eyes, giving away their undoubted happiness.

Married shortly before the photo was taken in 1914, Charles (Charlie) Waugh Hellen and his wife Alice Finckel Hellen were not particularly young — she was 39 and he was 37 — but they had children just the same. And Thursday at the Sally Port Inn their grandchildren, Charles William “Bill” Hellen and Charlotte Hellen, gave testament to the Login to read more

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