Site invites public to share UFO encounters

July 10, 2013 • Local News

Are we alone in the universe? Your Facebook friends may now be able to help you answer that.

At, anyone in the world can upload photos or videos of sightings or encounters with what they believe are UFOs.

The recordings can then be shared on social network sites for any and all to view and pick apart with millions of other randomly posted cat videos.

Roswell Sightings, based in New York and working in partnership with the International UFO Museum, designed the platform specifically for the world to share their UFO encounters directly with the global community.

[auth] “We don’t want to tell people what (the UFO) is,” Dickson said. “We want to generate a discussion. We want to create a community around this and get experts to chip in.”

The site is already up and running, taking in new videos and photos every day.

“(The museum) loved the idea to upload sightings onto a map,” Dickson said.

People can select their favorites and design coffee mugs, shirts and other merchandise at the store. Site visitors can also watch the latest scientific news or other videos, Dickson said.

Program designers hope to complete a smartphone application that users can utilize to upload videos and photos to the site directly from their phones.

“It will tag them with a longitude and latitude and go directly to the site,” he said.

Another future feature might include Skype, Dickson said, to promote online video chats about the sightings or other news on the site.

The site offers science, hot news topics, videos and the sightings database, including videos of the recent UFO Festival.

People around the world appear to be taking advantage of recording their recent sightings. The sightings posting count was up to 274 by Tuesday night.

The latest uploaded video featured a small object floating above apartments in southern California, apparently shot at 4 a.m. July 5. The witness wrote: “This floating orb appeared at four in the morning above California. Witnesses say that the orb changed color multiple times in the sky, and made no noise. There are no airports or bases in the area, and residents are not used to craft flying overhead.”

Witnesses have posted sightings from Argentina, Brazil, South Africa and several countries around the globe.

“People seem to be receiving it really well,” Dickson said.

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