Book review: ‘My Education’ in love and loss

July 9, 2013 • Entertainment

This publicity image released by Viking shows the cover image for “My Education” by Susan Choi . (AP Photo/Viking)

“My Education” (Viking) by Susan Choi

Our first glimpse of Regina Gottlieb is as a graduate student in her first days at a prestigious university. Somewhat naïve and more than a little intimidated by the sea of bright lights around her, Regina is drawn to a notorious and notoriously handsome English professor whose reputation has been both burnished and tarnished by rumors of sexual misbehavior.

Nicholas Brodeur, Regina muses when she first sees the infamous academic, was “certainly the best-looking man I had seen to that point in my life.” So enthralled by Brodeur and his dangerous aura that she enrolls in a seminar for Login to read more

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