Alien abduction during UFO Fest

July 9, 2013 • Local News

Mark Wilson Photo
The original alien crash artwork with the alien child to the left.

Jessica Palmer
Record Staff Writer

Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce Dorrie Faubus-McCarty reported an alien abduction to Chaves County Sheriff’s Office, Monday, when she learned that the baby alien on the sign facing south on Hwy 285 near Omaha Road had been alien-napped.

She confessed to being angry about the theft, but accepted the news with a sense of humor. “The first thing I said when I heard was: ‘Is someone going to put out an Amber Alert?’”

The sign had only been in place for a few weeks and had [auth] proven quite popular with tourists who visited Roswell during last week’s UFO Festival. “I was out there on Thursday and on Friday, and there was quite a crowd. We were pleased.”

On Saturday, though, she got the notification that something was amiss. “I received a text message at 8:20 in the morning from the rancher who lives across the street who said the baby alien has escaped.”
CCSO took the report where the missing infant was described as a small green alien, made of plywood and metal, holding a small blanket and a baby E.T.

CCSO spokesman Lt. Britt Snyder quipped: “We think it’s a custody dispute. … Perhaps we need to get DNA testing to see who the father is.”

There has also been conjecture if the baby was beamed up to the mother ship. “We hope he’s not getting probed even as we speak,” Snyder said.

Faubus-McCarty also expressed concern about the baby’s treatment: “At least, he’s with E.T. who will protect him.”

Joking aside, the entire sculpture, created by noted California artist John Cerney, was valued at $35,000. The gates had been left open so visitors to Roswell would be able to get close and get pictures.

Jessica Palmer Photo
The artwork as it looks today without the alien child. The child went missing on Saturday. The Chamber of Commerce is anxiously awaiting its return. The alien child was described as small and green, carrying a blanket and an E.T. doll.

“Now we’re having to put up No Trespassing signs and lock the gate. One person screws up and now everyone pays,” said Faubus-McCarty. She added: “Please let everyone know if someone brings the baby back to us, we will be happy to take it no questions asked.”

Anyone having information about this alien abduction is asked to contact Crime Stoppers, 888-594-TIPS (8477). Callers may remain anonymous and could be eligible for a reward.

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