Evolutionists have closed their minds

July 2, 2013 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

I was puzzled by a couple of recent letters to the editor (“When science and religion collide,” June 14; “Stepping out of our comfort zone,” June 23). Are we to understand that only proponents of evolution/atheism should speak their minds? Must we accept what evolutionists tell us uncritically?
I do not recall seeing a creationist call evolutionists “pseudo-scientific quacks” in the Daily Record. One local evolution proponent has called creationists by that name. The writer of the June 14 letter once wrote of the “‘magical’ world of religion and ‘reality’ of the everyday world.” This sounds like a dedicated atheist who can neither tolerate nor appreciate other beliefs.

Once again, macroevolution cannot be tested, therefore it is not in the realm of natural science. It is a story told to explain life on Earth by people of a certain religious (atheistic) belief. It ignores laws of Login to read more

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