Popularity rating of Brazil president plummets

June 30, 2013 • World News

A protester shouts slogans as he helps carry a Brazilian flag in the Capao Redondo neighborhood of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Tuesday, June 25, 2013. Protesters on Tuesday returned to the streets in low-income suburbs of Brazil’s biggest city to demand better education, transport and health services, one day after President Dilma Rousseff proposed a wide range of actions to reform Brazil’s political system and services. (AP Photo/Nelson Antoine)

SAO PAULO (AP) — Public approval of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff’s government has suffered a steep drop in the weeks since massive protests broke out across this country, according to Brazil’s first nationwide poll released since the unrest began.

For the first time, polling shows she would be forced into a second-round runoff vote in next year’s presidential election.

Published Saturday by Folha de S. Paulo, the country’s biggest newspaper, the Datafolha survey found 30 percent of respondents rated Rousseff’s government as “great/good,” a sharp fall from the 57 percent who gave it that rating three weeks ago before the demonstrations began.

The government’s popularity was down throughout the country, including in the northeast where the ruling Workers Party is strong. Her rating dropped there from 64 to 40 percent there.

The poll also found that 30 percent of voters say they’ll cast their ballot for Rousseff in October 2014 — that is down from 51 percent just a few weeks Login to read more

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