Roswell Filmfest and Cosmicon kicks off

June 27, 2013 • Local News

Jaxon King, aka Tie Dye Man, and Renee Roach, aka Anajj Ventress, attend the Peppers Bar & Grill Party on the Patio celebration of the Roswell Filmfest and Cosmicon, Wednesday evening. (Mark Wilson Photo)

The music blasts around the patio, coming from Q-97.1 DJs and can be heard from the parking lot. Tie-Dye Man relaxes in a chair while a jedi knight grabs a green chile margarita. The atmosphere is lively and fun as comrades arrive at the Pepper’s Patio Party in order to kick [auth] off the 2013 Roswell Filmfest and Cosmicon.

Marketing Director Renee Roach even got into the spirit, showing up with her face hidden under paint, a head to toe outfit and wielding two light sabers, calling herself Jedi Anajj Ventress.

“I just wanted to be someone different,” Roach said. And different she may be, but she was not alone in her dressing up.

Tie-Dye Man made an appearance to enjoy the festivities and have another chance to wear his tie-dye morph suit.

“I came to get out, get a drink and have a fun time,” he said.

As an inventor of his own character, Tie-Dye Man’s goal is to “bring a little color into a black and white world.”

“It doesn’t get anymore colorful than this,” he said, gesturing to himself.

Tie-Dye Man’s promotor, Helen Bertrand, said it simply: “you have to let your freak flag fly.”

And that’s an appropriate statement to start RFC. Persuaded to cosplay all weekend, attendees are bound to come in all sorts of costumes and as all sorts of characters.

From Star Wars voice talents to a Mars exhibit, there will be a multitude of events. But what Roach looks forward to the most is viewing the sci-fi films.

“They have all worked so hard all week long, and I can’t wait to celebrate all their hard work,” she said.

And as the weekend approaches, there will be plenty to experience and celebrate.

“Every day new opportunity arises,” Roach said, and this weekend will be no exception.

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