Domino effect car wreck

June 25, 2013 • Local News

An [auth] accident at the intersection of East Second and North Main streets, around 10:30 a.m. Sunday, had quite literally a knock-on effect.

A vehicle driven by 61-year-old Jose Medina was traveling southbound on Main Street when it ran the red light. The driver hit a vehicle that was in the eastbound lane of Second Street.

The driver either veered or the vehicle rebounded into oncoming traffic, colliding with a third and a forth vehicle that were legally stopped at the red light heading north on Main. The first vehicle spun and then crashed into 127 N. Main St., causing major damage to the store. The location houses Roswell Antiques. Donald James reported the loss of some inventory as a result of the crash.


“The accident destroyed the entire front window display. An arthromeres sculpture was broken in half. We can’t sell that anymore. … We had spheres. Those can be repaired. We also had a painted slab that was damaged.” He valued the latter at $40.

According to the police report, the repairs to the wall and the replacement costs for the window were estimated at $10,000. James said the entire front window was boarded up and several people had been into the business to take measurements for replacement. “It’s an entire 15- by 8-foot piece of glass and the frame has to be replaced, too.”

In addition, all four vehicles sustained front-end damage of more than $500 each. The drivers tested negative for alcohol.

“The people had some bumps and bruises, but no major injuries,” said Roswell Police Department spokeswoman Sabrina Morales.

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