Domestic violence cases often unreported

June 9, 2013 • Local News

Despite changes in laws, domestic abuse remains a problem nationwide.

In Roswell, the police responded to 32 domestic cases during the week of May 31 to June 7. The cases ran the gamut from harassment, threats, verbal domestics, assault, aggravated assault, battery and aggravated battery of a household member to kidnapping.

During the same seven-day period, eight were arrested on charges of battery of a household member. Some of those arrested are the subject of the previously noted incident reports. Others are not, and one person was charged twice for the offense, representing two separate incidents.

The reports and arrests present only the tip of the iceberg. National statistics indicate that 72 percent of abuse cases go unreported. This suggests of the 38 reports/arrests, as many as 110 incidents occurred during the week May 31 through June 7.

In 2004, The Journal of Epidemiology said the under-reporting of domestic violence was the result of social silence, tolerance, and inhibition that still exists against the victims of violence. It is more often neighbors, rather than friends, family or the abused themselves, who contact the police.

Domestic cases do not only include violence from one spouse upon another. It may be a child against a parent, sibling or other family members, or it may be a former partner or an ex-boy/girlfriend.

Domestic calls rank second, exceeded only by traffic stops, in hazards for law enforcement personnel. In each case, the officer has no idea what he or she might face.

One of the questions most people ask is: why the victim stays in an abusive relationship?

Capt. Quintinn McShan, who acted as an expert witness during the Victorial Velasquez-Arias homicide trial, listed a number of different Login to read more

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