Albuquerque officer recorded beating suspect fired

June 8, 2013 • State News

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — An Albuquerque police officer c[auth] aught on video last year beating a surrendering suspect and firing a stun gun at another was recently fired, the department announced Friday.

Department spokeswoman Tasia Martinez told KRQE-TV ( that officer Connor Rice was fired last month following an internal investigation.

In August, Albuquerque police announced that Connor would face battery charges in connection with the video beating and firing of the stun gun.

The video shows a suspect running from an apartment but surrendering after a foot chase. A second officer put his foot on the suspect’s face while Rice punched the man three times in face.

Schultz, who saw the video after a public records requests from a local television station, said he was disappointed in the actions of the officer said it appeared to be a case of “inappropriate use of force.”

“We do not train in this manner,” Schultz said at an August news conference. “Acts of violation of the law and (standard operating procedure) will be dealt with.”

The Bernalillo District Attorney’s Office said the firing won’t play a role in the criminal case against Rice. The officer later said no charges would be sought against two other officer linked to the beating.

An address linked to Rice had an unlisted phone number.

The state’s Law Enforcement Academy Board is investigating whether Rice will lose his law enforcement certification.

Chaves County Sheriff James Coon, who sits on the L board, told KRQE-TV that the Albuquerque Police Department’s move to fire Rice is something that will likely be considered.

The firing comes as Albuquerque police remains under fire from critics for more than two dozen officer-involved shootings since 2010. The department is under a U.S. Department of Justice investigations stemming from allege abuse cases.

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