Creative minds unmask cosplay at workshop

June 7, 2013 • Local News

Robert Mendoza and Maghan Noce make Bane m[auth] asks from the movie The Dark Knight Rises during a cosplay workshop held Friday at Hobby Lobby for the upcoming Roswell Filmfest & Cosmicon. (Mark Wilson Photo)

Without wealth or a bite from a radioactive spider, it’s nearly impossible to become a superhero. Yet, it’s not as impossible to look like one.

To show how simple it can be to recreate a comic book character’s signature style, organizers of this month’s Roswell Filmfest and Cosmicon held a cosplay workshop on Friday at Hobby Lobby.

Cosplay, or “costume play,” involves dressing as a character from pop culture, such as one from a film, comic book or video game.

Robert Mendoza, one of the event’s organizers, said the goal of the workshop was to inspire people to get into the spirit of the convention, which will feature a costume contest.

“Not a lot of people came in costume last year,” he said. “So, one of things I said we needed to do is encourage people to dress up.”

Mendoza himself has never cosplayed, but plans to this year.

Workshop instructor Jared Olive said while cosplaying can be similar to role-playing, they are not necessarily the same, as cosplay does not involve performing.

Olive got into cosplay eight years ago and often dons the cape and cowl of Batman, among other characters. Aside from attending conventions, he also provides appearances at children’s birthday parties.

“It’s something we like doing,” said Olive, who wore the Batman logo on his chest. “We’re not just doing it for ourselves; we also do it to bring joy to little kids.

“Even though you don’t see a lot of people doing it, everybody loves it.”

During the workshop, Olive offered tips on costume design and construction. Attendees also got the chance to recreate the mask worn by supervillain Bane of “The Dark Knight Rises” using craft foam, straws, hot glue and tubing.

He said the idea was to show an easy way to make a good-looking mask using household and inexpensive materials.

“You don’t have to spend a lot of time and money,” he said.

The convention takes place Friday, June 28, through Sunday, June 30. Another workshop will be held during the convention, Saturday, June 29, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., at Hobby Lobby. There will be no charge for admission, but attendees will have to pay for materials.

For more information about the Roswell Filmfest and Cosmicon, visit

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