Deputy testing to begin next week

June 6, 2013 • Local News

The Chaves County Sheriff’s Office will start testing candidates for three vacant deputies positions, next week.

Lt. Britt Snyder said the two of the three positions opened up when two long-term employees retired, although some will quit if they decide they don’t want to stay in law enforcement.

The CCSO received 18 to 20 applications and have invited 12 to participate in the physical tests; however, he did not know if all 12 will choose to [auth] participate. The physical testing is rigorous and follows standards set by the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy.

Snyder explained that New Mexico standards adheres to the Cooper Standard, which are both age related and gender based. It includes sit-ups, push-ups and a timed run. “These are the same tests that the applicant will face when we send them to the Academy. You have to practice to pass these tests, and we try to give them a 30-day heads up.”

If the potential recruit passes the physical tests, then they will have a written test, which was devised by the Municipal League. “If they successfully complete the written test, they are interviewed, and then we rank them.”

This is followed by a background check. “Then we make a conditional offer before they go on to psych evaluation and medical exam,” Snyder said.

The CCSO hopes to have three finalists ready for the next Academy session in July, where they will yet again have to complete the physical tests. He said that it can take up to a year to get the new recruits through the Academy.

Both the CCSO and the Roswell Police Department follow the same hiring process as recommended by the Law Enforcement Academy. The RPD, now 17 officers down, have faced a staffing crisis for the last two years.

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