School district nets lukewarm fiscal rating

June 5, 2013 • Local News

Roswell Independent School District went to market this week to sell $6.5 million in bonds following another national report that found the district had underlying fiscal challenges.

A Moody’s Rating report assigned the district another lukewarm rating, assigned an Aa2 underlying and an Aa1 negative outlook enhanced, for its general obligation school building bonds sale.

The same rating was given to RISD last year.

“The bonds are secured by ad valorem taxes that are levied against all taxable property within the district without limitation as to the rate or amount,” according to the report issued Monday.

RISD Asst. Superintendent for Financial Operations Chad Cole said the district was pleased with the rating but the report does have some impact.

“Anytime Moody’s Rating agency says something, it affects the bond Login to read more

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