At least three people fall victim to E-Tech scam

May 24, 2013 • Local News

People stating to be a company called E-Tech Security have been calling residents around town claiming to be affiliated with Microsoft and correcting errors on computers, but it’s all a scam.

According to office manager at Oasis Computers, September Bosch, she does not know where the scammers are calling from, but they are leading people to believe they have errors on their computers, and then, for a price of $269, [auth] offering to take care of the computer every three months so “you won’t have any more worries.” However, once obtaining personal information, the callers proceed to hang up, never actually fixing any computer errors.

“Anyone can say they are Microsoft certified, but the real company does not make phone calls of this nature,” Bosch said.

The scammers appear to be knowledgeable with computers, but again, do not actually exist as an E-Tech Security company.

“The thing about it is, there are always errors on your computer of some degree or another, and they know where to tell you to go to find them,” Bosch said. “And people go into panic mode because people are fearful of computers.”

At least three people in the last week have reported this fraud, and Bosch’s best advice is to hang up.

“If you get a phone call from a company called E-Tech Security, do not give them any information,” she said. “In fact, don’t even continue with the conversation. The minute they tell you E-Tech, hang up on them because it’s a scam.”

For more information regarding the scam call Oasis Computers at 625-9141, or to see warnings about similar situations visit Oasis Computer’s Facebook page.

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