Larry the Cable Guy does Roswell in tonight’s show

May 21, 2013 • Local News

Comedian and reality TV star [auth] Larry the Cable Guy will unveil his take on Roswell’s UFO culture tonight during his show, “Only In America.”

Taped in December, Larry’s crew visited the city’s International UFO Research Center, spoke to an abduction expert, geologist and local Ufologist.

The History Channel, on Cable One’s Channel 56 in Roswell, will play the episode at 7 p.m.

“The destination is Roswell as Larry and crew make a pilgrimage across the space-crazed state of New Mexico,” according to the History Channel’s explanation.

The comedian is expected to take a ride on a rocket ship built by an amateur scientist and have a “freaky and funny set of close adventures with the alien experts of Roswell.”

Larry the Cable Guy is a blue-collar comedian. He and his television crew are on the third season of a coast-to-coast adventure to find all things that make America great, according to his website.

When the crew was in Roswell, UFO Museum director Mark Briscoe said the show’s producers released a weather balloon that carried a Larry the Cable Guy bobblehead that had an alien clinging to its back. The footage of the balloon’s flight includes shots of the curvature of the Earth, the blackness of space and moments when the balloon pops and makes its way back to Earth.

“He really liked Roswell,” Briscoe said in December. “He thought is was a really neat community and he thinks it’s neat how everyone is behind the museum. He likes the (alien) eyes on the light posts, he thinks that’s pretty cool.”

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