Arias murder trial under way

May 21, 2013 • Local News

On Tuesday, the prosecution and the defense gave opening statements in the case of New Mexico versus Jose Arias.

Assistant District Attorney Debra Hutchins said, “Two years ago yesterday, Victoria Login to read more

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  1. aegarcia says:

    The defence alway trying to degrade the family memebers of the deceased.I have known the entire velasquez family all my life no one deserves dath in a reltionship, but at times you have people who decide to take an innocent life, now this littlepunkis crying for his life when he should of been arealman and walked away ad ow you destroyed families and her loved ones. well it would be nice to save the taxpyers money and plead guilty to what you did.But in time your little skinny ass wil feel the wrath of your choice you made, time for you to man upwhen your headed to prison be ready for your so called manhood to be taken from you.You are gona want to wish it stops, but its your karma mijito.. Im going to pray that you become my cellmate so I can well you know!!! aaaaayyyyyyy nooooooooo RIP.. Victoria Velasquez.. Nevr forgotten you little Angl of God…..

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