Public Records: 5-18-13

May 18, 2013 • Public Record

Marriage Licenses
May 8

Michael A. Ferguson, 54, and Gina L. Kirkes, 54, both of Roswell.
Juan C. Landeros, 32, and Gris Angelica Morales-Mejia, 22, both of Roswell.
May 9
John A. Noble IV, 41, and Kristy Lynn Wright, 35, both of Roswell.
Allen D. Gomez, 22, and Rosa G. Villegas, 20, both of Roswell.
May 10
Alexander P. Meeks, 20, and Theresa J. Young, 17, both of Roswell.
Nicholas E. Snowberger, 31, and Soojee A. Clauss, 26, both of Roswell.
David C. Archibeque, 41, and Janell L. Orona, 42, both of Artesia.
Justin A. Owen, 28, and Ashley S. Carter, 25, both of Roswell.
May 13
Eric A. Watson, 27, and Hannah L. Srader, 22, both of Roswell.
Jose Antonio, 48, and Ana Luisa, 23, both of Ruidoso.
May 14
Mathew R. Garcia, 30, and Alyse N. Gaumond, 23, both of Roswell.
Antonio F. Soto, 28, and Rosa Isela Aldavaz-Figueroa, 23, both of Hagerman.
Kenneth L. Prairie, 42, and Sabrina M. Russell, 37, both of Roswell.
May 15
Toby R. Marrujo, 41, and Rebecca N. Rodriguez, 29, both of Roswell.
Robert C. Callaway, 53, and Candy D. Thompson-Clemenza, 52, both of Roswell.
Zachaery T. Artrip, 21, and Felicia L. Graham, 18, both of Roswell.
Valentin Portillo-Ortiz, 30 and Luz V. Martinez-Fierro, 27, both of Hagerman.
May 16
Juan Pedro Velazquez Espinosa, 25, and Delia Ernestina Ruiz Perez, 22, both of Roswell.

Filed April 25

Jean Marie Warren vs James David McGinnis
Filed May 1
Christine M. Folts vs Richard D. Folts
Filed May 3
Stephen Mark Castro vs Thelma L. Castro
Filed May 7
Mary Alice Marley vs Robert William Marley
April Aguilar vs Warren A. Hunter
Final May 13
John Mathew Curtis vs Leandra Jean Short
Evelynn Bachicha vs Felipe Bachicha
Filed May 14
Jisabel Zepeda vs Catalina Moreno Morales
Filed May 15
Joy Storms vs Kevin Caley
Juana Chavira vs Cesar Octavio Chavira
Final May 16
Karen L. Pedrazzi vs Henry J. Pedrazzi

April 27

Time unknown — 1110 S. Main; drivers — Eric Jerone Leake, 37, of Phoenix, and Mark F. Stone, 48, of Clovis.
10:46 a.m. — Deming and Grand; drivers — Leticia Rodriguez-Ramirez, 58, of Roswell, and Victor J. Palomares, 30, of Chaparral.
1 p.m. — Second and Union; drivers — Lori J. Wallin, 22, of Moriarty, and vehicle owned by Benicio Duran, of Dexter.
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