Town hall meeting to address bullying

May 14, 2013 • Local News

The Roswell Hispano Chamber of Commerce and the S.O.Y. (Save our Youth) Cultural and Educational Center will host a town hall meeting to address issues members of the Hispanic community may have if their child is being bullied in school at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at the S.O.Y. Cultural and Educational Center, 1120 S. Grand Ave.

S.O.Y. Mariachi Director Bobby Villegas [auth] said often parents will bring an issue to the school board or the police; however, neither can help because they aren’t able to intervene. In most cases, Villegas said the hands of the police and the school system are tied because they have certain procedures they have to follow.

“There’s a real misunderstanding in our community of the authority that’s available to schools and the police department,” he said.

This misunderstanding can create feelings of disenchantment and mistrust toward the school system and the police.

“Our job as leaders is to bring this to the community and make sure people have the right information before they start demeaning the school system and police department,” he said. “We can only stop the problem if we’re well informed.”

The meeting will be presented in Spanish and English and will have representation from schools and police. Though intended for the Hispanic community, Villegas said it is open to all members of the public.

“You don’t have to be Hispanic to be concerned,” he said.

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