Shelters struggle after new ordinance passes

May 14, 2013 • Local News

Roswell’s new pet policy that puts several costly restrictions on dog and cat owners has flooded one local shelter, forcing it to seek out help from partnering groups from Albuquerque to Colorado Springs.

The Roswell Humane Society continues to overpopulate its space with surrendered puppies, dogs and cats. The shelter held 76 dogs and 23 cats Tuesday afternoon. The maximum it can shelter is 75 dogs and 24 cats.

“It’s very overwhelming,” said kennel worker Krystle Smith.

The “no kill” shelter was created to take in homeless and unwanted pets, and to assist with animal control by keeping adoptable pets for a longer time, Smith said.

But when residents show up with as many as 15 puppies at a time, the system is overrun.

“We just don’t have room to take in that amount on a daily basis,” Smith said.

The new ordinance that places fees, fines or limits on most everything, including fixing, breeding and pet limits, has prompted several owners to surrender animals instead of paying to have them spayed or neutered.

The Animal Humane Society of New Mexico in Albuquerque has taken 130 of Roswell’s sheltered dogs since February, said marketing director Dawn Glass.

“We like collaborating with Roswell Humane Society,” Glass said.

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