Animal ordinance more strictly enforced

May 7, 2013 • Local News

Officers of Roswell Animal Services will start patrolling area parks and retail outlet parking lots looking for people selling puppies in violation of the new Animal Ordinance, which went into effect on April 27.

The ordinance requires a litter [auth] permit for owners whose dog or cat has had a litter. The oversight could be costly.

“If we find people in violation, they will be cited, and fines can be up (to) $500 for each violation,” said Animal Control officer David Allen.

The litter permit is necessary to sell puppies or kittens. The permit is required to sell them in the paper and the number of the permit must placed in the advertisement. It further states: “Owners can only barter, sell, give away … puppies or kittens from the applicant’s address as listed on the litter permit.” In other words, the owner’s address.

Application for a litter permit must be made within one week of the birth. Each animal within a household is limited to two litters per year. Those owners whose animals exceed two litters are considered breeders and will be required to obtain not only a business license, but also an employer identification number and a breeder’s permit.

According to Animal Services supervisor Joseph Pacheco, the public has been slow in complying to the new ordinance. During the Cinco de Mayo weekend Animal Control officers noticed a number of people selling animals in the Walmart parking lot. Since it went into effect, only one woman has applied for the multiple animal permit also covered in the ordinance. Several breeders have come in to get a litter permit, only to find that they need a business permit and a breeder’s permit which can be obtained from the Codes Enforcement offices on North Richardson Avenue.

“We will be following-up on this and on rabies and city tags,” said Allen. He asked people to compare the $22 cost of rabies/city tags against the $500 fine.

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