Reminder to residents

May 3, 2013 • Local News

The City of Roswell Code Enforcement is reminding residents of an amendment to the city code concerning the casual [auth] sale of motor vehicles adopted by City Council during its regular meeting April 11.

The amendment states that only residents of Chaves County are allowed to engage in the casual sale of a motor vehicle within the city and they must first obtain a permit from the Code Enforcement Department Office, located at 421 N. Richardson.

The permit must include the person’s name, address and information about the sale, such as where and when it will be held, and an acknowledgement that the seller has not conducted more than four casual sales of motor vehicles during the current year.

The amendment also states that a copy of the permit must be posted in a conspicuous location on or in the motor vehicle being sold, so that it can be seen at least 20 feet from the vehicle.

Those in violation of the ordinance will be charged with a misdemeanor.

For more information or to report a suspected violation of the ordinance, call the Code Enforcement Office at 637-6280.

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