RISD holds meeting to determine goals

May 2, 2013 • Local News

The Roswell Independent School District held a two-day strategic planning meeting this week to determine goals the [auth] district would like to achieve in the upcoming years.

Superintendent Tom Burris said the meeting allowed the district to assess where it is now and figure out where its priorities should be and how to attain them.

Focus areas of the discussion included high achievement for all students, safe and orderly learning and work environments, efficient and effective district operations and services, and parental and community involvement and satisfaction.

The goals the district is trying to develop, Burris said, will be reasonable and attainable, but “there is also an established accountability.”

The meeting also involved examining data, redrafting the district’s mission statement and determining best organizational practices.

The meeting not only involved representatives from the district, such as school board and faculty members, but a good mix of other community figures as well, such as representatives from local institutions, businesses and law enforcement.

“One my initiatives has been to give an opportunity to bring the community together with schools,” Burris said.

Rick Sulewski, senior consultant at Jim Shipley and Associates, facilitated the meeting and said it spoke well of the district’s openness to engage others as it tackled the challenge of coming up with a five-year plan to meet the needs of the school and community.

During the discussion, participants used the continuous improvement framework to establish goals. The model is used by Jim Shipley and Associates trainers who work with schools to improve student achievement and parental satisfaction.

Mesa Middle School principal Jennifer Cole uses the system at her school and said it is a way of constantly reviewing processes in place and making improvements based on data in areas such as the attendance rate and student academic performance.

Burris will share issues discussed during the meeting with others in the district and the community, seeking more input and feedback for another meeting in June.

“This is not a plan to be put on a shelf and archived, it’s a living document,” he said. “Everyone knows it will be under review.”

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