Review: ‘Iron Man 3′ loaded down by heavy metal

May 1, 2013 • Entertainment

This film publicity image released by Disney-Marvel Studios shows Don Cheadle as James Rhodes in a scene from “Iron Man 3.” (AP Photo/Disney, Marvel Studios, Zade Rosenthal)

In the galaxy of big-screen superheros — a rather glum lot — Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man is the snappy one.

He’s the sarcastic, motor-mouthed, preening, self-referential do-gooder, as opposed to all those self-serious crusaders. No matter how much of a scrap heap of metal-twisting mayhem the franchise piles on (and it’s a lot), Downey’s sheer charm — his unsentimental, offhand yammering — is the only real super power in Marvel’s “Iron Man” trilogy.

“Iron Man 3″ follows not just “Iron Man 2″ but the box-office busting “The Avengers,” in which Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, joined forces with other superheros. These global blockbusters are more produced than directed, but it’s nevertheless particularly fitting that Shane Black here inherits the helm from John Favreau, the director of the previous two.

Black (the “Lethal Weapon” screenwriter) and Downey last teamed up (before Downey’s career had been fully resurrected) in the wonderfully zippy, deconstructed LA noir “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.” ”Iron Man 3″ begins exactly the same, with Stark in a halting voiceover that he Login to read more

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