‘Potty Squad’ raises cancer awareness

April 30, 2013 • Local News

People may have noticed a strange device sitting in the middle of a neighbor’s yard. The gaily-colored toilets are not being dropped from the sky by aliens with a potty fixation. Instead they are being transported by Roswell High Community Team and are part of a fundraising drive for cancer. (Jessica Palmer Photo)

Roswell has a creative way of raising funds for cancer, the Potty Squad.

Team leader Nancy Toth said that the program has been ongoing for the past four years. The inspiration came from other cancer fundraisers associated with the [auth] Walk For Hope across America.

Dubbed Big Red/Big Hope, the toilets are decorated and later taken to chosen individuals across the community.

“You pay to have the toilet delivered. It costs $15 to have it taken away; $20 to have it delivered to someone else, and $25 if you want to insure it doesn’t come back again,” Toth explained.

She said the people of Roswell have been extremely generous with many people paying more than the allotted fees to have one delivered to someone else, and many repeat customers each year. Last year, the Potty Squad collected $2,500 for cancer.

This year’s program has some 30 people who are carrying the toilets to selected locations across town. Most have had family members or friends who suffered from cancer. Some survived. Others did not. “This is not just Roswell High School students. We have teachers and an occasional Goddard High student who participate,” said Toth.

The program is timed not to interfere with school schedules. According to Toth, many of the students who take part are National Honor students.

The toilets have acquired some mileage in the past month, with one toilet being moved three times in a single day. However, today is the last day to drop a toilet on the lawn of a friend. The privies will not return until next April immediately prior to the Walk For Hope.

Those who want to participate in 2014, either to toilet a friend or deliver them to some unsuspecting individual with a sense of humor, should contact Nancy Toth, Walk For Hope, or the Chaves County Cancer Society for more information.

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