Volunteers help Keep Roswell Beautiful

April 28, 2013 • Local News

New Mexico Military Institute cadets take a break during their energetic trash pickup project along Main Street as part of Keep Roswell Beautiful Day, Saturday. (Amy Vogelsang Photo)

A high level of energetic whoops and hollers were heard along Main Street Saturday as a group of New Mexico Military Institute cadets walked north collecting trash for the 23rd annual Great America Cleanup sponsored locally by Keep Roswell Beautiful.

Decked out in bright red T-shirts, cadets could be [auth] seen doing their part to clean the streets of Roswell while still having fun.

“As long as you come out yelling and screaming, you’ll have a good time,” Cadet Pvt. Charlie Laabs said.

As a national event, GAC is about residents showing they care about their communities by volunteering to clean up the area. In Roswell, more than 900 volunteers, including 500 cadets, registered and were sent out around the city to clean fields, along parking lots and up and down streets.

Cadet Pvt. John “Kicker” Harrison said it was important to respect Roswell and felt proud to represent the Institute.

“Making a difference here is the first step,” Harrison said. This has given him a chance to represent his school and also be seen as a role model for kids who ask what the cadets are doing.

Through it all motivation is key. In doing their part to clean Roswell, they hoped to motivate others in the community, but they also had motivation within themselves.

“We keep a positive attitude about everything,” Cadet Sgt 1st. Class Matthew Trujillo said. As a form of motivation they enjoy cadences, or military chants, lead by Laabs.

“We love Roswell!” some cadets yelled together in unprompted unison as they continued on their cleanup route.

Their goal: Work as a team to do as much as possible in three hours.

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