NM teen, school differ on campus ‘miscarriage’

April 26, 2013 • State News

GRANTS, N.M. (AP) — A New Mexico teenager says she had a miscarriage in a high school hallway and that a teacher didn’t help her because she was late [auth] to class. But school officials say the student actually had a miscarriage a week before and had passed her placenta that day.

The Grants High School student told KOAT-TV ( ) that she miscarried outside a band class last week and was unable to get any help since she was tardy to class and a teacher ignored her. The teen told the station that after the teacher refused to let her into the class she then made her way to a bathroom and passed out.

However, Grants-Cibola County School Superintendent Kilino Marquez told The Associated Press that school officials believe that the student didn’t have a miscarriage on campus last week and instead was experiencing medical issues related to a miscarriage a week before.

“She also was given permission to see a nurse before the band class but then disappeared for 20 minutes and didn’t go to the nurse’s office,” Marquez told the AP. “So there are 20 minutes that are unaccounted. That’s disturbing.”

The teen, who was reportedly three months pregnant, said she sent a text message to a friend in the band class who came to her aid.

“I wasn’t sure of what was going to happen and I didn’t know when somebody would get me because we have a no cellphone policy,” the student told the station.

The teacher ordered students not to let the student in the classroom and said she could go to in-school suspension, said student Ronnie Martin, who was in the class at the time. “(The teacher) goes, ‘No, she’s late. She can go to in-school suspension. She’ll get the point.'”

The student acknowledged she passed her placenta that day but said she also miscarried.

Marquez said school officials are investigating. The student refused the ambulance they called for her when they realized she needed medical attention, he said.

“Our concern was her safety,” said Marquez. “In the 10 years that I’ve been superintendent, this is the first concern that I’ve had regarding our band teacher at Grants High School.”

The student said she hadn’t been at school since Monday because she felt uncomfortable about questions from staff.

Officials at the western New Mexico school district said the band teacher is still teaching while the investigation is ongoing.

The band teacher didn’t know about the medical issues but probably should have unlocked the door for her, Marquez said.

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