Review: ‘At Any Price’ doesn’t register

April 24, 2013 • Entertainment

This film publicity image released by Sony Pictures Classics shows, Dennis Quaid, left, and Kim Dickens in a scene from “At Any Price.” (AP Photo/Sony Pictures Classics, Hooman Bahrani)

The flowing Iowa cornfields of “At Any Price” have nothing on the amber waves of Zac Efron’s hair.

In “At Any Price,” Ramin Bahrani plants a sweeping Midwest tale of fathers and sons, fields and seed. His camera floats over cornfields listening to the rustling of the stalks, but the somewhat graceless stabs of grandeur in “At Any Price” don’t register in this uneven but respectably ambitious heartland drama.

Dennis Quaid stars as Henry Whipple, an obsessively driven Iowa seed salesman, a family business he has inherited, along with constant pressure, from his overbearing father (Red West). Efron plays Henry’s rebellious, race car-driving son Dean. (In the lengthy history of James Dean odes and references, this may well be the most overt.)

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