20 dogs, 15 cats to receive new homes

April 23, 2013 • Local News

Roswell Anim[auth] al Services had a record number of adoptions on Saturday, with 20 dogs and 15 cats adopted by Doggy Saviors and the Animal Welfare Alliance for re-homing. “We have picked up multiple cats and multiple dogs, usually with litters, multiple times,” Sammye Leflar-Bohnstehn said.

Animal Services supervisor Joseph Pacheco said about the record adoptions, “I think it’s great to know that these animals will receive medical treatment and find a good home.”

The dogs are sent to Leflar-Bohnstehn’s veterinarian in Capitan, Becky Washburn-Brown, who provides vaccinations and neuters them before they are placed in good homes.

Leflar-Bohnstehn began rescuing cats when she made a connection with Kitty City, the no-kill shelter in Alamogordo. Washburn-Brown also takes some of the cats.

Leflar-Bohnstehn has also received help from a no-kill center in Kirby, Texas. She plans to bring the head of the center, Christie Banduch, to Roswell to discuss with city officials how to set up a no-kill shelter. “Kirby Animal Services became a no-kill center overnight. …She’s willing to make a conference call or come here to give a lecture.”

According to Banduch, if the city would subsidize a low-cost spay and neuter program, the program could pay for itself and Animal Services could make money rather than spend it.

The animal rescue business is booming. Leflar-Bohnstehn has a new volunteer, Deborah McKee. The two travel together to transport animals where they need to go, from Alamogordo to Capitan or Texas. “Deborah has been a real godsend to me.”

Leflar-Bohnstehn said that she couldn’t give exact figures on the number of animals saved. “Over a month ago, Becky was saying that we had saved over 100 animals, and that is before the last two pick-ups.”

Leflar-Bohnstehn is still looking for local people to foster animals, and she hopes that people will take advantage of the site, which allows people to view animals available for adoption and also permits them to advertise any animal that has been lost or found.

She was pleased that new animal ordinance passed. It will go into effect on April 27. However, Leflar-Bohnstehn thinks it doesn’t go far enough.

“I think it’s sad that other cities have to help with Roswell’s over-population problem,” said Leflar-Bohnstehn.

She also wanted to remind people that the Animal Welfare Alliance’s low-cost spay-neuter clinic is open for business. The next clinic is scheduled for May 17 through 19. For more information call about the AWA clinics, call 575-317-7439.

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