Johnson relates shop break-in; refuses to cower to burglar

April 21, 2013 • Local News

Patty Johnson, co-owner of Barringer’s Blossom Shop and Johnson Jewelers, shows off the new metal gate on the shop’s back door. Jill McLaughlin Photo

Patty Johnson was taking care of paperwork on a Sunday night in March in the back office of her shop as she often had. She was also chatting with her daughter on the cell phone.

The crash of glass and the sound of the back door slamming open surprised her. She didn’t think about her gun inside the desk drawer. Her first thought was to rush down the dark hallway toward the noise.

Standing before her was a husky man in a loose-fitting top.
Johnson said she wasn’t about to back down. She wasn’t about to crawl under her desk and hide.

Instead she ran screaming at the intruder to “get out!” she said, alerting him that she had a gun and she was calling the police.

The burglar dropped a second brick, possibly meant to be used to break into the shop’s jewelry case, and ran out another door.

“That man thought he had an opportunity,” Johnson said. “I don’t want to kill somebody, but next time I’m not gonna lay down and take it. I’m not gonna cower. I’m not gonna do that.”

Johnson, co-owner of Barringer’s Blossom Shop and Jewelry on North Main Street, is certified to carry a concealed weapon and has taken a safety course. Her father taught her to stand up and Login to read more

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