Review: Redford makes welcome return in ‘Company’

April 3, 2013 • Entertainment

This film image released by Sony Pictures Classics shows Jackie Evancho in a scene from “The Company You Keep.” (AP Photo/Sony Pictures Classics, Doane Gregory)

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Robert Redford does his most compelling work in some time as both actor and director in “The Company You Keep,” a tense yet admirably restrained thriller about a fugitive forced out of hiding after 30 years to prove his innocence. Adapted with clarity and intelligence by Lem Dobbs from Neil Gordon’s novel, and lent distinguishing heft by its roster of screen veterans, this gripping drama provides an absorbing reflection on the courage and cost of dissent.

Recalling aspects of Sidney Lumet’s poignant “Running on Empty” from 1988, but with a more subdued emotional palette, the film opens with vintage-style news footage detailing charges against members of radical antiwar group the Weather Underground in the early 1970s for plotting to blow up buildings in multiple U.S. cities. A second report follows, attributing responsibility to the same group for a Michigan bank robbery during which a security guard was killed. While the robbers were identified, only one was ever apprehended.

Back in the present, Sharon Solarz (Susan Sarandon), who was involved in the robbery and has been living in hiding as a Vermont housewife in the decades since, is preparing to turn herself in to the FBI when she is arrested entering Login to read more

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