Roswell’s Most Wanted caught

April 2, 2013 • Local News

Roswell’s Most Wanted, Johnny “Juan” Barela, 49, was arrested in Maricopa County, Ariz., late last week. Chaves County Magistrate Court issued an arrest warrant for Barela on March 19 for an open count of murder after the Roswell Police Criminal Investigation Division was summoned to the Emergency Room at Lovelace Regional Hospital the previous day about a stabbing.

Before officials arrived at the hospital, the detectives learned that the victim, Gregory Alonzo, 45, was listed as “code [auth] blue.” The stabbing occurred in the 300 block of East Ballard Street around 5 p.m. The victim had been brought to the hospital in a pickup truck. The officers found a large amount of blood in the truck bed, along with a saturated bloody shirt.

Residents of the neighborhood heard Alonzo shout: “Get me to the hospital, I am dying.”

Barela disappeared after the incident. In addition to the stabbing, he threatened witnesses. The courts set his bond at $1 million.

According to New Mexico Court Case Lookup, Barela has been arrested 11 times in the past, twice for violent crimes. Barela was released from prison six weeks ago. He now qualifies as a habitual offender.

Attempts to talk to an official of Maricopa County to find out the charges upon which Barela was arrested were futile.

No one at either Maricopa County Sheriff Offices or the Phoenix Police Department were able to comment on the arrest. They could not say if he was arrested on the New Mexico charges or separate charges stemming from Arizona.

Barela will have to be extradited from Arizona to face charges in Roswell, which usually entails a specific request made by the state, or a governor’s warrant issued by the New Mexico. The suspect will have to be picked up within 30 days of his out-of-state arrest.

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