Annual Marche du Nain Rouge held in Detroit

March 25, 2013 • Entertainment

People hold signs at the March du Nain Rouge in the Cass Corridor in Detroit on Sunday, March 24, 2013. The tradition features masked and costumed revelers taking to the city streets to banish the folkloric “nain rouge” or red dwarf from the city and save the city from its woes. (AP Photo/Detroit News, Robin Buckson) DETROIT FREE PRESS OUT; HUFFINGTON POST OUT; MANDATORY CREDIT; MAGS OUT

DETROIT (AP) — Hundreds of revelers turned out Sunday to [auth] drive a red dwarf from Detroit.

OK, not really, but tradition is tradition.

The annual Marche du Nain Rouge took place in Detroit in the Cass Corridor neighborhood south of Wayne State University

The event features masked and costumed participants taking to Detroit’s streets to banish the folkloric “Nain Rouge,” or “red dwarf,” and save the city from its woes.

“Nain Rouge” was greeted with jeers by partygoers with painted faces, masks, wigs and costumes.

Peter Van Dyke, one of the organizers, said despite the city’s financial situation, the festivities are meant to be encouraging for the city and most people “have fun with it.”

“It’s open for everybody’s interpretation,” he told The Detroit News. “The main point is to celebrate the good things in Detroit, banish the bad and start anew. It’s all positive.”

The lighthearted event comes as plans for protests have been ramping up in Detroit in anticipation of Monday’s arrival of state-appointed emergency manager Kevyn Orr.

“The financial issues get most of the play,” said Nick Quigley, 24, of Detroit. He came with a group dressed as various animals, calling themselves “The Grand Circus of Detroit.”

“Hopefully Kevyn Orr will tap into the people making a difference in the city already,” Quigley said.

The celebration began with a 5K run, called the Run du Nain Rouge, organized by Tour de Troit.

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